A trust to look at: The Garfield Weston Foundation


As I’ve suggested elsewhere most charities need to find most of their funds from individuals involved in their work to be viable and sustainable. However grant making trusts are an incredibly helpful source of funding for particular projects that are one off in nature (e.g. a capital appeal), time-limited or which need a kick to get started.

So I’m going to do a series of posts each featuring a grant making trusts that the kind of folk who read this blog (mostly church leaders, or trustees and staff in small charities) might want to consider applying to.

The Garfield Weston Foundation is a big beast. With assets of £5 billion it gives away nearly £50 million each year to an enormous range of different causes – last year over 2,000 grants ranging from £1,000 to £3 million. The regular grants programme covers anything from £1,000 to £99,000 and there is also a large grant programme for projects looking for over £100,000.

The trust will fund core costs (very unusual), specific projects and buildings but NOT specific salaries (though these may be part of core costs). They only give grants for one year and you cannot reapply within 12 months. Most of the grants in the “religion” category go to historic church buildings, but a significant number also go to community engagement by churches of all denominations.

They are a very professional setup and are looking for “clear outcomes and benefits, good leadership and sensible business plans” from projects that demonstrate “quality and excellence.”

Garfield Weston has a straightforward one-stage application process and it takes no more than four months to hear the outcome of your application.

Find out more details on their web site.

Want help with your application to this or any other trust? Give me a call (07943 262225) or email me.


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